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The IOC lays down a code of conduct

There will be three priorities for the organisation of the 2012 Olympic Games: security, the athletes, and control of costs and complexity. These points were explained to the applicant cities during a seminar held in Lausanne between October 7th and 10th, 2003.


A gathering of nearly 100 people heard Jacques Rogge set out the IOC's requirements for the organisation of the 2012 Olympics. The IOC President informed representatives of the nine applicant cities of the main points to be developed in the files backing their bids.

In a fragile international context, this is a tricky question. Explaining this point, Jacques Rogge pointed out: "The Games have survived many difficult situations ranging from boycotts to organisation that was not as good as it should have been. But we must make sure there are no failings with regard to security. That is why I am putting that requirement at the top of the list of priorities."

The athletes
Jacques Rogge stipulated that, because the Olympic Games are organised above all for athletes, special attention must be paid to them. "The Games must be focussed on their needs. That means making sure we have good quality sites and installations, as well as competent personnel. "

Control of costs and complexity
Cutting down on the gigantism of the Games has been one of Jacques Rogge's declared aims since his appointment to the head of the IOC in July 2001. And, logically, he has made this a priority for 2012. " It is difficult to find the happy medium, providing everything necessary to organise the Games while, at the same time, avoiding unnecessary costs which could be a burden for the host city," he said. "I will be asking you to work with us on this point."

During this four-day seminar, Paris and its rival cities were given a document summarising the various points covered.

Next major step: Answering the IOC's preliminary questionnaire. Replies must be submitted no later than January 15th.

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