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Make a wish for the Games

Paris’ bid to host the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games is everyone’s business. You, too, can help stir up the excitement around the games by getting hold of your “I Wish for the Games in Paris in 2012” bracelet.
Bracelet - Pink - © Paris 2012
This accessory, very trendy, can be worn by men and women alike.
(© Paris 2012)
Tie a knot, make a wish and it all may come true! As Paris’ bid matters to all of the city’s residents and admirers, the Paris 2012 Bracelet has been created so that you can, in your own way, make a contribution.
“I Wish for the Games in Paris in 2012” is what you will be able to read and state on this satin and metal bracelet, to be worn around the wrist. Available in each of the Paris bid’s official colours (pink, orange, green and blue), it serves both the national cause and your fashion sense. This little accessory, very trendy as summer sets upon us, can be worn by men and women alike.
By purchasing your bracelet, you will be doing two good deeds: indulging yourself by wearing a bracelet that is as elegant as it is radiant – and supporting Paris’ bid, with your wish to have the Games come to Paris in 2012.
The “I Wish for the Games in Paris in 2012” bracelet, created by designer Pascale Risbourg, is available at Drugstore Publicis, on the Champs-Elysées, in Paris, for 7 euros.
On 6 July 2005, when the members of the IOC elect the Host City for the Games of the XXX Olympiad, you will see whether your gesture brought Paris good luck!
Until then, don’t forget to make your Olympic wish before putting on your bracelet!
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