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Successful trials for the Paris 2012 "Olympic Lane"

A series of stop watched tests have been conducted to validate the estimates of travel times between the Olympic Village and the two competition clusters. Goals have been achieved: via the Olympic Lane it takes less than 10 minutes to travel from one place to another.
Bus on the "Olympic Lane" - © J. Millet - Paris 2012
The bus travelled the 28 km "Olympic Lane" designed on the 35 km of the Paris Ring Road.
(© J. Millet - Paris 2012)
Two successive trial runs were completed by the Paris 2012 team, the Paris Police headquarters and the Paris City Hall City Road and Transport authorities. These were designed to mirror anticipated traffic conditions between 27 July and 12 August, 2012, the proposed dates for the Games in Paris.
The bus chartered by RATP, the Paris Public Transport Service, and accompanied by a motorcycle escort from the Paris Police, travelled the 28 km "Olympic Lane" designed on the 35 km of the Paris Ring Road. This lane will be dedicated to the athletes and the Olympic Family during the Games and will link the Olympic Village and the two clusters of sports venues in the North and in the West of Paris.

Average transportation time:
- 8 min between the Western Cluster and the Olympic Village
- 6 min from the Village to the Northern Cluster

The results of these tests were extremely positive: the average transportation time between the Western Cluster (Porte de Saint-Cloud gate) and the Olympic Village (Porte de Clichy) is 8 minutes, and 6 minutes from the Village to the Northern Cluster (Stade de France®). The longest possible travel route between the most distant portions of the sporting venues, between Porte de Saint-Cloud and Stade de France® in Saint-Denis, only takes 13,5 minutes.
Essar Gabriel, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Paris 2012 said he was delighted with the test results. His goal of "offering the best conditions for the athletes while allowing the centre of Paris to breathe" can be reached. These also validate the concept of an “Olympic Lane” and its capacity to offer an efficient and rapid transportation system.
The results of the tests will help Paris 2012 complete the Transportation section of their Candidature File to be submitted to the International Olympic Committee on the 15 November 2004.
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