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French Sport Counts on the Games

In a press conference, Jean-François Lamour, Minister of Sport, Youth and Associations, outlined the positive impact for the French sports industry should Paris be chosen to organise the Games in 2012.
J.-F. Lamour - © Paris 2012
"It is clear that the people of France stand to gain considerably", Mr Lamour said. (© Paris 2012)
- The political support
- Minister of Sport,
Youth and Associations

According to a recent Boston Consulting Group study, "the positive effects would be felt for the next 10 years including a boost of 2 million Euros and 20,000 jobs annually", the Sports minister said.

The potential development led by the Games in the areas of sport and tourism is projected to total 5 million Euros per year and create 42,000 long-term jobs. Beyond the Games, Paris and France will benefit from a substantial increase in sports participation with the potential of more than 4 million new sports fans with a projected growth of 600,000 memberships to sports clubs.

Mr Lamour is determined not to miss the opportunity of hosting the Games in 2012. "With the return of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, we will have the possibility to project  national development of sport over the next 10 years, whereas now we can only plan four years ahead", he said.

Lamour vowed to do everything possible not to miss the chance to host these Games. "The Games in Paris will be a strong tool to fulfil our political vision", he said. As a result, a map outlining all national sporting facilities is currently being created and will be ready by the end of 2005.

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