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L’Amour des Jeux
shines in Dubrovnik

Paris 2012 presented its candidature at the European Olympic Committees General Assembly organised in the Croatian city. Bertrand Delanoë, Mayor of Paris and President of Paris 2012, appeared in person to praise the desire and passion that forms the French file.
Dubrovnik - © AFP
More than 200 people participated in the European Olympic Committees General Assembly. © AFP
- Speech of B. Delanoë (PDF - 85 Ko)
- Competition Venues, Focus
- Eurolympic
Ten minutes.  That is the time during which Bertrand Delanoë was able to present, in front of one third of the International Olympic Committee Members, the essential values and the principle organisational concept of Paris 2012.  

“Yes!”, the Mayor of Paris and President of the Bid Committee declared,  “Paris is a candidate to host the global event that symbolizes the values we consider essential : fraternity, tolerance, competition in the spirit of mutual respect, and a resolve to push oneself to the limit”.

Before outlining the organisational concept, “one Village, two Clusters”, Bertrand Delanoe outlined the major point of Paris 2012: “to make the athletes the focus of the Paris 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This is a commitment we make to the International Olympic Committee”.

Besides the commitment involving prices, accommodation availability and celebrations; the President of Paris 2012 repeated the willingness to make transport infrastructure accessible for people with a disability: “It will be one the event’s lasting legacies.

On a more general note, Bertrand Delanoë underlined that Paris 2012 plans to be an event  “that is truly ecological in nature, with an unprecedented objective: the first Olympic Games to result in a neutral balance of greenhouse gas emissions”.

Paris, and the other candidate cities, London, Madrid, Moscow, and New York each sent a delegation to present the trump cards of their Candidature File.

More than 200 people, originating from 48 European countries, will participate until the 4th of December in the European Olympic Committees General Assembly, under the direction of Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee.
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