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There has been a prudent approach to preparing the budget. It reflects the IOC desire to reduce the cost of future Games, to leave no residual debt, and to ensure that the concepts are consistent with the long-term plans of the territory.
- All about Finance (PDF - 89 Ko)
Budget That Will Ensure the Games Are a "Lasting Success"
Fully integrating the principles of sustainable development, the budget has been carefully thought out to fulfil every requirement with regard to transparency, accountability, performance and fiscal balance, while also contributing to the country’s long-term development.
Cost-Control and Limited Capital Expenditure: A Crucial Objective
The cost of the Paris Games is estimated to be EUR 4.1 billion (EUR 2.2 billion for the Organisation budget; and EUR 1.9 billion for the non-OCOG budget). In addition, the Paris Games will benefit from EUR 3.2 billion in investments already committed for infrastructure enhancements over the period, regardless of whether Paris is elected Host City. The resulting cost control, facilitated by the quantity and quality of existing infrastructures, will have a positive impact on the planning, construction and financing of the Games.
Planning Cautiously and Balancing the Budget: Two Concepts Fully Adopted
In order to avoid unnecessary expenditure and best fulfil Games requirements, Paris 2012 has opted to build temporary venues, thus reducing "white elephants" where no post-Olympic use has been identified. Revenue from the operating budget will provide enough to cover the related costs. Permanent facilities are to be built only in response to previously-identified needs, with post-Games usage plans already set out.
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