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A strong brand image strategy will be developed. Sponsors will be provided with excellent hospitality programmes, and will receive the requisite legal protection. The ticketing strategy will ensure crowded competition venues and optimised revenues.
Subway decked out in the colours of Paris 2012- © J. Millet - Paris 2012
The strategy used to promote the Olympic image will be extensive, consistent and of the highest quality.
(© J. Millet - Paris 2012)
- All about Marketing (PDF - 451 Ko)
Active Promotion of the Olympic Image
Fuelled by an innovative visual identity, the strategy used to promote the Olympic image will be extensive (with the launch planned as early as 2006), consistent and of the highest quality. It will furthermore aim to develop synergies with the Paralympic image.
Advancing the Olympic Image Through Communication with the Media and Public
An information campaign will raise awareness within the corporate sector and amongst consumers regarding the protection and uniqueness of the Olympic brand. A media-focused communications plan will ensure that the event receives comprehensive coverage.
A Powerful Sponsorship and Licensing Set-Up
A large-scale national sponsorship programme will be devised in accordance with the long-term interests of partners to the IOCís TOP Programme and the French NOCís Marketing Programme. Companies will be selected on the basis of strict criteria to ensure they are a complement with the Olympic image and would be an active partner in promoting the Olympic ideal.
Ticket Sales, Both a Source of Funding and a Trigger for Mobilisation
To ensure the Games are a success, Paris 2012 has committed to making ticket prices affordable thus ensuring that stadiums are filled to capacity. Forecasted revenue from ticket sales amounts to EUR 525 million; 10% of the tickets will be priced at EUR 10, with 45% of tickets under EUR 30. The projected number of tickets sold is 7 million.
Auxiliary programmes
Lottery and†commemorative coins will be developed to complete the Marketing programme.
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