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Serving and Contributing to Olympism

Paris' main motivation for hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 is to serve and contribute to Olympism through staging an event representing a defining moment in the history of Paris, and through the dissemination of Olympic values.

The Games in Paris in 2012 will provide a renewed impetus. (© Paris 2012)

Through Paris 2012 the entire country is expressing its motivation to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 - a will and a deep desire to play a part in spreading the values of Olympism - and to make a contribution to the mission and action of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

In the hearts of the bid's Founding Members, the Olympic Games represents a unique opportunity in the history of Paris and the Ile-de-France Region to:

• enhance the development of sport,
• create sports facilities still lacking in the Paris region,
• rethink the urban development of the City and its immediate surroundings,
• enhance the public transport system,

• launch an ambitious project involving the citizens of Paris, the Ile-de-France Region and the whole of France to promote and develop behaviours reconciling Man with his environment.

To achieve this objective, Paris will be relying on its Olympic and sports legacy and on its culture built on the universal values of freedom, equality and fraternity.

A real push for transformation.

Furthermore, if it is selected as the host city for 2012, Paris wishes to stage an event that will represent a strong step in the dissemination of the values of Olympism by:

• offering athletes an outstanding welcome through an ambitious Olympic Village concept with nearby clusters hosting most venues,
• organising a welcome for the Olympic Family combining comfort and warmth,
• placing the Olympic celebration at the heart of Paris,
• promoting a transformation in the attitudes and behaviours of members of French society, to the point of making them true “Olympic citizens”,

• seeking to enrich the values of Olympism with additional values inherent to the new century.

For Paris 2012 serving and contributing to Olympism means undertaking a real push for transformation through maximising the Olympic experience.
The Games in Paris in 2012 will provide a renewed impetus for all - athletes and non-athletes - to be inspired and united through their ambitions for the future.
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