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Olympism and Culture

The Olympic spirit will be revitalised throughout France. Paris 2012 will present contemporary and innovative festivities, offer excellence in culture and sport, and ensure that the Games take place in an atmosphere of celebration - truly "l’Amour des Jeux".
Fireworks Display in Stade de France® - © AFP
The Opening and Closing Ceremonies will stand out for their compelling creative and artistic creations. (© AFP)
- All about Olympism and Culture (PDF - 1 Mo)
A Cultural Programme Extending Across the Country
The Olympic spirit has always been strong in Paris and France since the time of Pierre de Coubertin. The theme of Olympism will be expressed through a broad range of cultural projects, targeting three main objectives: cultural diversity, artistic excellence and the spirit of celebration and fraternity.
Cultural Events Spanning the Years, the City and the Nation
Intent on involving the French people in the spirit of the Games, Paris 2012 has planned a full programme of cultural events, including:
• a Summer Festival during the three years leading up to the Games,
• a feature event: the Olympic Arts Festival (in 2012),
• a series of initiatives fostering international artistic cooperation,
• additional cultural projects conducted by public and private contributors across  France.
Ceremonies Featuring a Festive and Creative Spirit
Designed to express France’s unanimous support for the Olympic ideal, the Opening and Closing Ceremonies will stand out for their compelling creative and artistic creations. The Torch Relay will be designed to emphasise France’s cultural diversity, ignite passion for the Games and pay tribute to the international participants, while the Medal Ceremonies will hold true to Olympic tradition.
A Far-Reaching Educational Programme
Paris 2012’s large-scale awareness-raising programme is intended to share with an entire generation the values of humanism, universality and fraternity linked with Olympism. It will be incorporated into school curricula during the 2008-2012 Olympiad.
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