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Paralympic Games

Integrated planning within the Paris OCOG will ensure that the Paralympic Games are exemplary - a first-rate event in high quality venues, a great community celebration, and a legacy of enhanced integration of people with a disability into French society.
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All stations serving competition venues will be made accessible to individuals with limited mobility.
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Paris 2012 Paralympic Games Will Set the Standard
A new standard will be set through the quality of the venues, the street festivities surrounding the event and the lasting legacy left by the Games in support of people with a disability.
The Olympic and Paralympic Games: "A Stunning 60-Day Event"
The Olympic Games and Paralympic Games will be run by the same organisation: the Paris OCOG. As a result, the two events will be seen as "a single, stunning 60-day sporting event". All of the Paralympic venues will have already served the Olympic Games. Most of the events will take place within the two clusters, while the Paralympic Village will be on the same site as the Olympic Village.
Transport: Accessibility Above All
Through the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, the City’s existing programme to improve the accessibility of public transport will advance substantially. Under that programme, between now and 2012, all stations serving competition venues will be made accessible to individuals with limited mobility. Seven Metro stations, located at strategic transfer points, will also be made accessible for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The existing Tramway network is already fully-accessible, as will be the extensions planned on the network. Paris’ bus network will be fully accessible by 2012.
A Meaningful Legacy for People with a Disability
Concrete and large-scale undertakings will be launched to raise public awareness and improve the living conditions of people with a disability, including: easier access to the transport network and public buildings, awarenessraising campaigns for young people in schools, plus support and special programmes for people with a disability who are seeking jobs. Through these efforts, the 2012 Paralympic Games in Paris will contribute to the "lasting success" of the Games as a whole.
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