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La Rochelle : a favourable climate for sailing

The sailing events will take place in La Rochelle, on the Atlantic coast. Its climate is particulary suitable for sailing, making it a favoured destination for this sport in France. A large number of national and international events are regularly organised there each year.

The winds are mainly light to moderate during this period.
(© G. Gentil - La Rochelle)
La Rochelle is located on an ocean shore which allows it to avoid too hot summer temperatures. The mean maximum summer temperatures are between 22 and 25°C.


Storms are infrequent between July and September (statistically 1 or 2 a month) and there is practically no fog. (There are no areas of cold water offshore to bring in thick fog).


The winds are mainly light to moderate during this period. The prevailing winds are south-westerly and north-westerly and are stronger from the latter sector. The third most predominant sector is the north-east.


The regularity of sea breezes is an important characteristic of the water surface at La Rochelle. It provides regular, even sailing conditions. In fact, the summer months are very favourable for the formation of thermal breezes (which blow from the south-west and north-west in the afternoon).

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