and Meteorology

Through its "Charter for the Environment and Sustainable Development", Paris 2012 is committed to exemplary environmental standards. Core commitments are to ensure that the Games generate zero net greenhouse gas emissions and have a sustainable legacy.
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Paris 2012s commitment to protecting the environment is a fundamental priority. ( AFP)
- All about Environment and Meteorology (PDF - 3,6 Mo)
- Agenda 21, Sustainable Games for All ( PDF - 1.3 Mo)
Taking Advantage of an Exceptional Environment
The Ile-de-France Region enjoys a wealth of natural areas, historical monuments and cultural sites. Only 21% of the land has undergone urban development and 300,000 hectares of natural areas are listed.
Agenda 21 and the Charter on the Environment and Sustainable Development
Paris 2012s commitment to protecting the environment is a fundamental priority and can be seen in:
the future OCOG Agenda 21,
its Charter on the Environment and Sustainable Development, which will guarantee a substantial environmental legacy following the Games.
The Top Priority: Neutral Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Mobilised to combat global warming, Paris 2012 will hold the first Games ever to conclude with a neutral greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) balance.
Targeting Behavioural Change
The Olympic Village and new Olympic venues will be models for sustainable development. As true showcases for innovative environmental solutions, the Games will trigger new behaviours and attitudes with regard to the environment.
The Olympic Village: A Model Ecological Urban Quarter
The Village incorporates revolutionary technologies in a large number of fields, including renewable energies, urban waste management, water management, and more. It will act as a catalyst for urban regeneration and, upon conclusion of the Games, will help create a new quarter in Paris.
A specially-designed eco-financing programme, drawing on three income sources in particular a 1% automatic deduction from OCOG revenue will ensure that all environmental initiatives are adequately funded.
Outstanding Ecological Events to Mark the Paris 2012 Games
Two concrete and visible initiatives will contribute to raising public awareness:
- the "Green Stadiums" programme, based on saving energy,
- the "Solar Stadiums" programme, focused on making full use of renewable energies.