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Immigration and Customs Formalities

Members of the Olympic Family with an Olympic identity and accreditation card will be permitted to enter France without visas. Special procedures will help the entry into the country of all persons and goods connected with the Games.
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A single office will be established to process the accredited persons' applications. (© Paris 2012)
- All about Immigration and Customs Formalities (PDF - 439 Ko)
Simplified Procedures for the Olympic Family
A simplified entry procedure will be established for all Olympic identity card and accreditation holders for the 2012 Paris Games.
Easier Access for Foreign Visitors
Nationals from more than 60 countries will be required only to show a valid passport, with no visa, to enter France.
Temporary Stay and Work Permit: Easier, Streamlined Procedures
Accredited persons and Games personnel will receive temporary stay and work permits under simplified procedures designed specifically for the event. A single office will be established to process their applications.
Measures will be taken to facilitate the import of products and equipment required for the Games.
The import of newspapers and other publications will be allowed freely, with no customs duties.
No restrictions apply to media material produced on French soil if intended mainly for foreign broadcast.
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