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France has recently hosted large international events successfully using sophisticated technology systems, and has one of the world’s leading IT & T sectors. The Paris OCOG will provide high performance, robust, user-friendly and cost effective technologies.
Satellites - © Paris 2012
All existing venues are already linked up to the network. (© Paris 2012)
- All about Technology (PDF- 270 Ko)
Experience and Expertise Serving the Olympic Family
In recent years, through the many high-profile international events that France has hosted, the country has shown its ability to successfully implement cutting-edge information and telecommunications technologies. Paris 2012’s priority will be to use that experience to offer reliable, effective and user-friendly technological services, whilst making use of the best technologies that exist in 2012.
A Highly Effective Telecommunications Network
The Ile-de-France Region has one of the most comprehensive telecommunications networks in Europe. France’s three main telephone operators currently offer enough capacity to connect every of the Olympic venue and handle the related audio, data and video demands, to the highest standard. All existing venues are already linked up to the network. The new and temporary venues will be located near existing cable networks, thus limiting the costs to be borne by the OCOG.
Optimal Mobile Coverage
All of the Olympic venues are already covered by each of France’s three mobile telephone operators. As for UMTS coverage, it will be fully deployed by 2012. In addition, operators will be able to provide for any increase in capacity required for the Games.
Secure and Sound Technologies
All Olympic telecommunications will enjoy the utmost quality, reliability, service continuity and security, thanks to the connections and webbing of the current networks, one-point surveillance of the entire telecommunications system and physical securing of all infrastructures.
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