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A guarantee of optimal traffic

Like every major capital in the world, Paris experiences traffic peaks at certain rush hours, which may create one-off traffic problems. Current conditions provide the guarantee of optimal traffic flow. A special transport plan will be set up for the Games.

Paris and the Region now benefit from reliable real-time traffic control.
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Paris and its suburbs have all the necessary technical facilities and human resources to be able to host sporting events on an international scale in the best possible conditions. This is borne out by the experiences of the FIFA World Cup in Football in 1998 and, recently, the 2003 IAAF World Championships in Athletics at Paris Saint-Denis.
Current conditions provide the guarantee of optimal traffic flow for accredited populations and spectators during the period of the Games:

The guarantee
of optimal traffic

• the planned period – from July 27 to August 12 – traditionally coincides with the annual holiday periode in France, so providing free-flowing traffic conditions in the capital.
• the existing transport network is modern and close-knit, and the planned improvements will make it even more efficient, safer and faster.
• Paris and the Ile-de-France Region now benefit from reliable real-time traffic control and information systems: improved planned for 2012 will increase the efficiency of the facilities provided and make journeys more comfortable.

Furthermore, specifically:

• the compact lay-out of venues developed by Paris 2012, around two main sports venue clusters and the location of the Olympic Village mid-way between them along the Ring road, will keep the length of journeys and transport times between venues to the minimum.
• a “strategic transport plan” will be set up for the Games with the purpose of, firstly, ensuring smooth-flowing traffic conditions for accredited populations and, secondly, encouraging spectators to use public transport by means of a special offer on tickets in particular (sports ticket + transport).
• a “dedicated Olympic Lane” will be set aside for accredited persons, linking the sports venues. Functional and technical studies are currently in progress.
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