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The Paris 2012 Media Centre

Paris 2012 displays a number of visuals to illustrate your press articles.

Select a theme, one or more visuals, and select your order. After verification, we will transfer the selected files to you, with high definition.

 Presentation of the Candidature File

November, 17 2004 - Paris 2012 unveils the final Candidature File.

 Competition venues

Simulations of competition venues of Paris 2012's.

 Olympic Landmark

Photos of the first prize, the jury and the exhibition of the international architecture competition.

 Supporters of Paris 2012

Photos of sports and political supporters of Paris 2012.

 Paris and "L'Amour des Jeux"

Logo on the Eiffel Tower, posters, billboards, bracelets, etc.

 Paris 2012 logos

Official Paris 2012 logos.

 Paris 2012 Team

The Paris 2012 core team is composed of a handful of people chosen for their professional and sporting experience.

Philippe Baudillon
Chief Operating Executive
© J. Millet - Paris 2012

Essar Gabriel
Deputy CEO, COO
© J. Millet - Paris 2012

Armand de Rendinger
Director of International Promotions
© J. Millet - Paris 2012

Emmanuelle Obligis
Facilities and Operations Manager
© J. Millet - Paris 2012

Etienne Thobois
Director of Planning and Finance
© J. Millet - Paris 2012

Valerie Holzman
Director of Communications
© J. Millet - Paris 2012

Valerie Atlan
National Communications Manager
© J. Millet - Paris 2012

Stephan Julienne
Interactivity Manager
© J. Millet - Paris 2012

Jerome Lenfant
Deputy Director for Media Relations
© J. Millet - Paris 2012

Olivier Lenglet
Director of Relations with the Sporting World
© J. Millet - Paris 2012

Thierry Rey
Relations with the Sporting World
© J. Millet - Paris 2012

Max Bouchet-Virette
Administration and Human Resources Director
© J. Millet - Paris 2012

Paul Pelade
Deputy Director of the Partnership
© J. Millet - Paris 2012

The Paris 2012 Team
© J. Millet - Paris 2012

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