France Reinforces its Commitment to International Fight Against Doping

Jean-François Lamour announces the creation of a new French Agency to combat doping in Sports.
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The Minister of Sports, Youth and Association Jean-Francois Lamour, together with Paris 2012, today shared with the IOC Evaluation Commission headed by Nawal El Moutawakel the
new French legal measures to fight against doping. These new measures will improve the efficiency of the French anti-doping plan, and will be implemented prior to the Turin Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Approved by the Conseil des Ministres (Ministers’ Council) on February 16th, the Law project will focus on recent international evolutions, notably the development of the World Anti-Doping Agency which recently welcomed France into its Executive Committee, and the recognition of a World Anti-doping Code by all of the International Federations.

Clarifying the exact role and responsibilities of international participants in the anti-doping effort contributes to promote loyalty in international sports competitions and ensure fair competition between athletes of all nationalities. Besides, the legal initiative clarifies the national participants’ spheres of
competence and emphasizes the importance of public policies in the fields of prevention, athletes’ health protection and development of public research programs.

The Law project will also create a new independent administrative authority, the French Anti-Doping Agency, which will make France a leader in anti-doping best practice.

Minister of Sports, Youth and Association Jean-François Lamour, a double Olympic gold medalist, Member of Paris 2012’s Founding Committee and a European representative on the Board of the World Anti-Doping Agency, has personally overseen the development of the new legislation: “We have consulted national and international experts to ensure this law will effectively deal with the increasingly sophisticated methods drug cheats employ to gain a competitive advantage. I am confident the French Anti-Doping Agency will be a leader in the fight against drugs locally, and I am committed to working collaboratively with the World Anti-Doping Agency to tackle this challenge globally”.
“Beyond protection of athletes’ health, fighting against doping guarantees the respect of Sports ethical values, honesty and loyalty of sports competitions”, added Jean-François Lamour.
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