International Business Community enthusiastic about utilizing Olympic Buildings Following Games

Re-use of planned Olympic buildings ensure No “White Elephants” remain following a Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games.
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Paris 2012 today confirmed to the IOC Evaluation Commission, headed by Nawal El Moutawakel, the interest shown by the French and International Business Community regarding the post-Olympic use of the infrastructures that would be developed for a Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012.

To date, Paris 2012 has received engagement letters from more than 40 French companies and 25 international organizations, all of which have expressed keen interest in occupying commercial space in buildings constructed for a 2012 Games, if Paris has the honor of being selected host city on July 6th in Singapore. The business community is particularly interested in the offices and business facilities that would be part of the Olympic Village, and by the International Broadcast Centre and the Main Press Centre infrastructures developed in the Northern Cluster, located in the Communauté d’Agglomération de la Plaine Commune (1).
Jean-Paul Huchon, President of the Ile-de-France Region and member of Paris 2012 Founding Committee, said: “The enthusiastic response on the part of international businesses regarding the post-Olympic use of the infrastructures developed for the Games reinforces our ability to achieve our stated goal - the total absence of “White Elephants” after the 2012 Games. This approach, which aims at guaranteeing a positive legacy after the Games for Paris and its region, meets the IOC criteria and falls within the scope of long-term urban development strategies that will further advance development of the local community”.

In less than five years since the construction of the Stade de France, 680 companies, including 200 from the media industry (cinema, multimedia, broadcast) have based their operations in the Saint-Denis area.

“From the start, Paris 2012’s goal has been to ensure all new permanent structures are adopted for use by the community, and we will do our utmost to facilitate this objective”, added Jean-Paul Huchon. “On the basis of the incredibly positive reaction received thus far, we believe we are well on our way to achieving 100 percent utility”.
(1) The communauté d’agglomération de la Plaine Commune is comprised of 300 000 residents in the 8 following cities : Aubervilliers, Epinay-sur-Seine, La Courneuve, L’Ile Saint Denis, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, Saint Denis, Villetaneuse, Stain.
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