Paris 2012 brings a strong national message
of L’Amour des Jeux to Brisbane
- Press Release (PDF - 24 Ko)
- Oceania National Olympic Committes

Leading members of the Paris 2012 bid this morning showcased their Amour des Jeux inspired bid for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to the Oceania National Olympic Committee (ONOC) General Assembly in Brisbane (Australia).

The Mayor of Paris and President of Paris 2012, Bertrand Delanoë, together with French IOC member Guy Drut, and Paris 2012 CEO Philippe Baudillon swapped their French for English as they proudly represented the 85% of French nationals from diverse backgrounds that support the bid, playing video messages of desire and passion for the Games.

Using state of the art software and 3D visuals, previously only seen by the IOC Evaluation Commission in March, Mr. Delanoë and Mr. Drut were able to demonstrate what Paris would look like in 2012 should it win the Games. Outlining the innovative concept of ‘One Village, Two Clusters’, Paris 2012 detailed how the plan will ensure the utmost convenience to the athletes and Olympic family, leaving the heart of the City open for celebration.

The team went on to paint a picture of an unforgettable 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games that serves an even deeper purpose - to revitalize the City of Lights.

In his speech to ONOC representatives, Mr. Delanoë said: “Our bid is based on a single reality: Paris needs the Games! Its impact would create a lasting future and leave us with a marvelous legacy. There will be a sporting legacy based on the development of new permanent venues to meet the needs of citizens, but there will also be a green legacy. Our approach was inspired by the Sydney model and our ambition is to organize the first Olympic Games with zero greenhouse emissions.”


Paris 2012’s Olympic aspirations stretch beyond the environment and physical legacies and into the modernization of the French community. Following the footsteps of the IOC and the United Nations, Paris 2012 has put in place an Agenda 21, formalizing its commitment to the betterment and development of various aspects of French society, from the inclusion of people with disabilities to international solidarity.

Mr. Drut said: “I’m honored to have been invited to Brisbane by ONOC to share L’Amour des Jeux, the force that drives Paris 2012. As a member of the Olympic Family and an Olympic champion, I can assure you that the Paris 2012 plan takes into consideration key elements that will provide a truly memorable Games and a sustainable future beyond”.


Arriving in Brisbane on Thursday March 31 for the three day event, the Paris 2012 representatives participated in discussions with their peers and esteemed members of the ONOC Committee on the role of the Olympics in developing sports in participating countries. On re-joining the team in Paris, Mr. Delanoë, Mr. Drut and Mr. Baudillon, together with Paris 2012, will continue concerted efforts to prepare for the final leg of the bidding journey, culminating on July 6 in Singapore, where the IOC will announce the host of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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