The French Speaking Countries Offer Full Support to Paris 2012
- Press Release (PDF - 18 Ko)
The 39 members of the Conference of the Ministers for the Youth and the Sports of the French-speaking countries (CONFEJES) voted unanimously Friday to support Paris’s bid for the organization of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, at the 30th ministerial meeting, held this past week in Paris.
"This is a great surprise," commented Jean-François Lamour, French Minister for Youth, Sports and Associations. “This is an additional proof for the IOC of our mobilization and determination. The more opportunities we have to explain our Amour des Jeux and our vision for the Games, the more support the Bid receives, both within France and across the world,” Minister Lamour said.
The support of CONFEJES is a tremendous boost for the Paris 2012 Bid, as the Conference has never expressed such unanimous support for a city's bid. This initiative was taken by the Minister for Sports of Mauritania, Mr. Ahmedou Ould Ahmadou.
The CONFEJES, by the way of its new Secretary General, the Mauritanian Youssouf Fall, explained its support by highlighting the "French know-how” in regards to organization, as well as the excellent quality of the Parisian infrastructures. He also expressed his wish to see “a world celebration for French-speaking youth in Paris in 2012”.