L’Amour des Jeux in China

Nineteen Chinese celebrities from all horizons have joined the Paris 2012 Club des ambassadeurs.
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Paris 2012 announced today that nineteen Chinese celebrities
have officially joined the "Club des ambassadeurs de Paris 2012", reinforcing the huge support that Paris has received in its Bid to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012.
The Paris 2012 Chinese ambassadors represent a broad range of interest areas and professions. The cultural world is represented by actress Xu Jing Lei, actor Geng Le, violinist Lin Zhao Yang, dancers Ho Hong Lan and Jing Xing, singers Ding Wei and Lin Yi Lun and director Jiang Wen. The fashion industry includes participation by top models Lu Yan and Hu Bing. The business community is well represented by Serge Dumont (Springford Investments), Alan Liu (Red Door Public Relations), Li Dong Sheng (TCL), Wang Yan (SINA.com), and Zhang Yue (Broad Air Conditioning). Media are equally involved through the support of the following press experts: Hong Huang (press group I Look), Su Mang (Bazaar Magazine), Daisy Wang (Communications Magazine) and Chen Yi (Economic Daily).
Most of the ambassadors attended a reception today at the French Embassy in Beijing, officially marking their support for Paris 2012. They were greeted and thanked by the French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, currently in China for an official visit.
Actor Geng Le declared: "The Year of France in China has already enabled numerous Chinese people to discover the richness of the French culture. Paris is the city of culture, the city of light, and I know that the French Capital would organize and celebrate with style, class and distinction, a memorable Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012".
Dancer Ho Hong Lan added: "I am happy to show my support for Paris 2012 by becoming a member of the Club des ambassadeurs. I am convinced that sport and culture play a major role in joining countries and people together, enabling positive exchanges to be multiplied. I will carry on supporting L’Amour des Jeux in China as best I can".
About the Club des ambassadeurs de Paris 2012
Officially created in January 2005, the Club des ambassadeurs de Paris 2012 has gathered together celebrities from the entire world who, because they have significant relations with France or Paris, wish to contribute personally to the project that mobilizes a huge majority of the French people to welcome the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris in 2012.
The Club des ambassadeurs de Paris 2012 has gathered sportsmen, artists and opinion leaders from across five continents. These individuals have joined forces with their French counterparts, who represent some of the most recognized athletes, in support of the Paris Bid. This includes Laure Manaudou (swimming), Alain Mimoun, Marie-José Pérec and Michel Jazy (athletics), Jackson Richardson (handball), David Douillet (judo), four-time Paralympic Champion Assia El Hannouni, and football players Zinedine Zidane and David Ginola, in support of the Paris Bid.
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